What to Expect for your Consultation and Sessions that Follow

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During your consultation, we will talk about your yoga and fitness experience, lifestyle, where you hope to go with your practice and any physical limitations or health concerns you might have. We'll determine the best place for you to begin your practice and the number of sessions that are right for you. There may even be a little time at the end of the consultation for a small introductory session! This is an opportunity for you and me to get to know each other a little bit, ask any questions that you have, and to get a feel for the practice space.

In the sessions that follow, each week's practice will determine the next week's practice. You and I will assess where you are at in each session and what you are feeling like today. I will always have a tentative plan in place but that can change based on your needs in the moment. As your capabilities and alignment improve, so will the evolution of your practice. So, in essence, each practice will build upon the next. You'll come in, we'll take a moment to center, and get started!

For clothing, any athletic apparel that you are comfortable in and doesn't restrict your movement is perfect. You are welcome to bring your own mat but is not necessary. I have all props or equipment necessary to support you in your practice.

Personal Training - At your initial consultation, we will discuss your fitness goals (or perhaps set some goals!), evaluate your current lifestyle, and take some physical assessments and body measurements. From this point, based on your goals and abilities, I will prepare a plan for your fitness sessions. You and I will determine the number of sessions necessary to get you to your goals.

Getting fit is always asking your muscles to do just a little bit more. So, we will find the starting point that is right for you, and then each week we will add on to what you are doing--one more set, tack on an additional pound or two, hold that plank not for 10 seconds this time, but for 12 seconds, etc!

I will motivate and inspire you to reach your goals, keep you focused and on track, and will challenge your very heart & soul (not to mention all your muscles)! Yoga, Working Out -- It is so much fun to exercise and to take care of the body that takes care of you! I'm all in, are you?

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