Personal Training / Hiit

Got a little toning up to do? Looking to build strength?

Need to shed a few pounds?

Want your body to look about 10 years younger and fit into the jeans you wore then?

Have no fear, Personal Training and HIIT are here!

Personal Training

Personal Training San Antonio Texas

My approach to fitness training is a comprehensive training approach that combines all components necessary to help you achieve optimum performance and the ability to reach your goals. All types of exercise, be it flexibility, cardio, core, balance, reactive, speed, agility, quickness, and resistance training are incorporated into your fitness training as part of a progressive system.

In a typical training session, we might work on all or some of these types of exercises. I will assess your current physical abilities and your goals and prepare workouts for you that will meet you where you are at in your current ability level. I will also challenge you just enough to begin building your functional strength and get you rapidly moving in the direction of your goals.

Check out What to Expect in your initial Consultation and sessions that follow.


HIIT Training San Antonio

High Intensity Interval Training involves alternating short intervals of high-intensity, all-out exercise with short intervals of rest or active recovery. These brief rest periods allow your heart rate to come down and prevent your body from adapting to a steady workload. HIIT impacts the body, big time! It causes your body to burn calories and lose fat at a much more accelerated rate than traditional cardio.

HIIT, in and of itself, is a great workout! In each HIIT Session, we are alternating between bursts of high output cardio and resistance-based strength exercises. You are constantly keeping your body in a state of confusion, preventing it from adapting to the workload. We are stimulating as many muscles as possible blending bodyweight resistance, plyometrics (jumping exercises), and multiplanar exercises (which moves your body in all different directions).

You are burning fat and creating definition. You are getting stronger, improving balance, and athletic performance. All of this in less than 30 minutes a few times a week! Your actual work time in a 30 minute session is only about 8-15 minutes.The rest is warm-up and cool down. Results in that little amount of time? Bonus!!!

What's even better?

When you combine PT + HIIT (and throw in some yoga here & there), you've created a powerhouse for changing the way your body looks and feels. Goals Accomplished!

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