• Am I Too Old to Start Practicing Yoga?

    Would you like to start a yoga practice but are worried that you are too old? The good news is that whether you are nine years old or 90 years old, it is never too late to start a yoga practice. Yoga offers many important benefits for older individuals, including enhanced mobility and flexibility as

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  • All About Acroyoga

    If traditional forms of yoga are too sedate for you, acroyoga may be the perfect way to shake up your exercise routine. This relatively new form of yoga was created in 2006 and combines yoga with acrobatics. Participants work with partners to perform a variety of intricate poses. Although acroyoga does

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  • 5 Ways Yoga Can Change Your Life

    For many people, yoga is a modern-day symbol of wellness and serenity in a fast-paced world. In fact, more than 20 million Americans practice yoga — and they have good reason to do so. In addition to many unique spiritual benefits, including mindfulness, self-awareness and the ability to stay present,

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  • 5 Important Yoga Benefits for Men

    If you think yoga is just for women, you are mistaken. Yoga offers a host of physical and mental health benefits for everyone, from children to seniors — including men! Here are five important benefits that men can reap from stepping onto their mats and practicing yoga regularly. Strength Training While

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  • Yoga Styles

    Yoga practitioners of all skill level can find a class that allows them to hone their yoga mastery. Whether you are looking for an athletic experience, or a meditative slow-moving class -- a style of yoga exists to meet your needs. Aerial This aerobic form of yoga incorporates props such as fabric

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  • Yin

    Discover a world of yoga that focuses on balancing the body, mind and spirit. Yin yoga is the “quiet practice” – a deeply meditative practice that cultivates mindfulness and opens the body on the subtlest level. Poses, known as asanas, are typically held for 5 to 8 minutes. Practitioners come into

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  • Vinyasa

    If you're looking for a faster-paced approach to the standard hatha yoga class, you are likely an ideal candidate for vinyasa yoga. Otherwise referred to as yoga flow, vinyasa takes such standard exercises as the warrior and the sun salutation and infuses them with an ever-present sense of movement.

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  • Viniyoga

    In recent years, yoga has transformed from an ancient practice aimed at providing spiritual and physical growth to one that, while still dedicated to these goals, covers a far vaster amount of ground. With the availability of hatha, vinyasa, bikram and a wide array of other yoga approaches, it can be

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  • Svaroopa Yoga

    Although yoga remains one of the best means of strengthening both mind and body, it, like other forms of exercise, also holds the potential for long, frustrating plateaus. After you've been attending the same yoga sessions, you're bound to see a leveling off in improvement. And eventually, if your primary

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  • Sivananda

    Sivananda yoga is a non-proprietary form of yoga that distills the wisdom of yoga into five key principles: proper exercise (asanas), proper breathing (pranayama), proper relaxation (savasana), proper diet (vegetarian) and positive thinking/meditation. Following five key principles, Sivananda yoga aims

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  • Prenatal

    Pregnancy is a simultaneously exciting and stressful experience, with stress winning out with unfortunate frequency for many expecting mothers. In addition to all the usual concerns related to a rapidly changing body and the prospect for caring for a newborn baby, many of today's expecting mothers also

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  • Yoga Therapy

    When people become injured, a doctor often recommends physical therapy - it's Western medicine's traditional fix. What if there were a more effective way to treat injuries and illnesses, perhaps even preventing some of them? Most people know that practicing yoga results in a more flexible body and a

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  • Yoga Props

    Props are not always used in a yoga class. Most of the time, experienced yogis rely on their own sense of balance and muscle memory to achieve the asanas assigned by the instructor throughout class. If you are new to yoga, or recovering from an injury, you may find the use of props helpful. Props can

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  • Wedges for Yoga

    Depending on the type of yoga classes you've attended, you may have been asked to incorporate a foam wedge into your exercise routine. These wedges serve a variety of purposes, from providing additional support and cushion to adding an extra level of challenge for advanced yoga students. The context

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  • Yoga Mats

    Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years on many different surfaces. You can practice on a hardwood floor, tile, stone, grass, your living room rug or even on the beach. But for beginners—and also those who have been doing yoga for years—a good yoga mat that fits your needs can become an essential

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  • Yoga Clothing

    Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice that links breath with movement for important health benefits. Today, there are nearly as many different yoga athletic wear brands as there are styles of yoga. When selecting yoga clothing, it is important to choose clothing that is comfortable and fit for your

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