• What Happens at a Yoga Retreat?

    Practicing the art of yoga, whether in the comfort of your own home or in a warm, inviting studio, allows you to achieve a sense of calmness and serenity. Those wishing to have a deeper understanding of the art of yoga or individuals who want to enhance their practice may wish to attend a yoga retreat,

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  • The Mind-Body Connection

    Yoga beginners generally regard the seemingly mythical mind-body connection as an elusive quality only accessible through years and years of dedicated practice. While it remains true that a regular yoga routine is instrumental in establishing a solid connection between the mind and body, this quality

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  • The Different Types of Yoga, Explained

    Yoga is a great way to work out, stay fit, meet new people and even add emotional balance to your life. But if you’re a yoga newbie, choosing the type of practice that’s right for you can seem daunting. Each type of yoga has a different personality, so choose a yoga practice that fits the type of

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  • Strength and Training

    Yoga can do many great things for the body. It has been proven to improve sleep, relieve stress by promoting serenity, and it will even improve muscle tone and increase muscle strength. The benefits of yoga are both instant and long lasting. Those who practice will immediately feel a sense of well being

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  • Prenatal Yoga Prepares for Childbirth

    If you are pregnant and looking for ways to stay fit, naturally manage pregnancy pain, and alleviate stress, then prenatal yoga may be the right choice for your wellness needs. Prenatal yoga helps to prepare your mind and body for childbirth. Prenatal yoga is a multi-faceted approach that combines gentle

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  • Morning Yoga Poses

    Do you feel exhausted and suffer from stiff muscles and joints in the mornings? If you answered “yes,” you might be ready to shake up your morning routine with a new addition — yoga. Yoga is a popular activity for people of all ages and athletic backgrounds, and it can help you balance your mind,

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  • Meditation for the Busy Bee

    Stress can become overwhelming when you do not take a little time to recharge occasionally. Meditation is a great way to de-stress and regain control of your hectic day. No matter how busy you are, making time in your schedule for meditation will help you become more relaxed, focused and productive. What

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  • Meditation for Beginners

    You may have heard that practicing regular meditation is good for you. Meditation can reduce stress, promote relaxation, lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation and improve your overall sense of wellbeing, among other benefits. However, starting a regular meditation practice can feel overwhelming.

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  • Kids Yoga: Important Benefits

    Yoga provides important mental and physical health benefits for individuals of all ages, including kids. Practicing yoga poses helps children develop concentration, improve focus, and build their self-esteem. A dedicated and intentional yoga practice that includes breathing techniques, posture practice

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  • How to Practice Yoga While Traveling

    Yoga is more popular today than ever before, with as many as 20 million enthusiasts in the U.S. and up to 250 million in its birthplace of India. As people integrate this healing, relaxing discipline into their daily lives, they find themselves less and less willing to set it aside when business trips

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  • How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

    Whether you practice yoga at home or in a studio, your mat is absorbing sweat and dirt during each session. This combination of moisture and dirt not only begins to exude an unpleasant odor, it can breed bacteria and other things to disturb the serenity of your savasana. As such, it is very important

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  • How Meditation Helps You Focus

    Unrolling your mat and striking a yoga pose does more than just tone the body. Practicing yoga also improves focus for daily life, heightening the ability to concentrate on simple and complex tasks. In addition to the physical practice of yoga postures (known as “asanas”), most yoga classes also

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  • Hot Yoga: Be Prepared

    Devoted hot yogis swear by the health benefits of hot yoga, but if you’re new to practicing in a heated studio, temperatures of 90+ degrees can be a recipe for sickness rather than good health. In fact, depending on the type of studio and class, the heat may be cranked up to 100 degrees – 104 degrees

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  • Choosing the Right Yoga Clothes

    Yoga, the union of mind and body, is achieved in part through practicing physical postures, which cultivate mind-body awareness. If the clothes you are wearing are too loose fitting or tight, however, you may find that you spend more time worrying about discomfort than actually enjoying your practice.

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  • Breaking Bad Habits With Yoga

    Human beings are creatures of habit. Thankfully, it is possible to change or reverse negative habits and actions over time — and regular yoga practice can help you do it. How Habits Are Formed, for Better or Worse Whether our habits are positive or negative ones, there is an explanation behind our

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  • Boost Your Energy with Yoga

    Feeling tired? Given our fast-paced, high-stress lives, it is natural to feel exhausted and depleted – even after a good night’s sleep. A regular yoga practice can help give your body an energy boost while calming your mind amidst daily chaos. More challenging yoga postures, such as inversions, boost

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