• Corpse

    There are many benefits of the corpse pose, also known as “Savasana” in Sanskrit. It is an easy pose for almost anyone to perform. It is often performed at the end of yoga classes or sets of other poses so that your body has time to integrate all of the benefits of the poses just performed. Corpse

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  • Belts

    Belts or straps are yoga props designed to help with the modification of intense yoga postures. Using a strap can help a practicing yogi focus on correct alignment in a position instead of straining, which can cause unbalance and injury. Unlike bolsters, which work best as props in passive poses, belts

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  • Warrior I and Warrior II

    The warrior posture is one of the most foundational poses of any yoga practice. This pose emulates strength—both mentally and physically. As you hold warrior pose, you stand firmly on your mat with your arms outstretched in an upward direction. Your legs are firm, your gaze straight up into the air.

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  • Noisy Joints During Yoga: Are the Sounds Normal?

    Wondering why your joints click and pop when you perform yoga? Find out if the sounds are normal.

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  • What Is Face Yoga?

    Yoga for your face may sound a little strange, but special yoga poses and exercises can decrease wrinkles.

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  • Yoga Poses That Enhance Flexibility

    Yoga is a great exercise option that can help you become more flexible. In addition to increasing flexibility, yoga increases muscle strength, reduces stress, improves your energy level and burns calories. Don't worry if you cannot perform yoga poses perfectly the first time you try them. It will take

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  • Yoga On-the-Go

    In addition to increased flexibility and strength, regular yoga practice contributes to better sleep, reduced tension, more energy and a healthier immune system, and regular practitioners of yoga will tell you that the benefits certainly don’t stop there. While you don’t have to be the world’s

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  • Yoga for Strength Training

    It’s no secret that yoga is good for you. Regular yoga practice is known to alleviate tension, lengthen muscles, increase flexibility, correct posture and comprehensively balance your mind and body. But the benefits don’t stop there. Whether you’re a runner, swimmer, tennis player or kick-boxing

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  • Yoga for Recovery and Rehabilitation

    Most of those who participate in regular yoga sessions do so in hopes of improving their strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus. While the achievement of such goals may serve as an excellent first step in preventing a wide array of illnesses and conditions, the proactive yoga approach may remain

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  • Yoga Etiquette Tips

    If you are new to yoga, walking into a studio packed with yoga mats, unfamiliar props, and an entire group of individuals quietly meditating before class can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. Learning yoga etiquette in advance will help you feel more comfortable and confident in the studio. Keep

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  • Yoga and Massage: A Healing Combination

    A deep spiritual link exists between massage and yoga healing modalities. Both massage therapists and yoga instructors use the power of touch to mindfully manipulate the body in a way that supports internal physical and emotional healing. If you have recently sustained a physical injury or are recovery

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  • Yoga and Kids: A Great Foundation

    When most people think of yoga they think of 20-60 year old individuals attending a class at their local gym or at a trendy yoga studio. However, yoga for kids is becoming increasingly popular and has proven to have many significant benefits for children of all ages. First and foremost, yoga teaches

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  • Yoga and Emotional Healing

    Yogis know that the practice of yoga lends itself to emotional healing. When yogis open up certain parts of their bodies, they also release pent up emotions, frustrations, worries, sorrows and the like. This part of yoga is healing to the mind as well as the body. Yoga is used to strengthen not only

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  • Why Is Breathing So Important in Yoga?

    Breathing is important to yoga in much the same way that breath is naturally understood to be important to life; it is an essential part of living. Each breath delivers oxygen not just to the lungs, but to every cell in the body, nourishing the body and helping it to thrive. In yoga, however, the concept

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  • Why Do People Pass Gas During Yoga?

    Chances are you have heard or smelled a toot from one of your neighbors in yoga class—and admit it; sometimes that neighbor was you. If your gut reaction is embarrassment, understand that this is entirely, 100% normal. It is actually healthy to pass gas anywhere from 10-20 times a day on average,1

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  • What Type of Yoga Is Best for Me?

    Studies showing the many health benefits of yoga abound.1 Yoga can improve strength, balance, flexibility and breathing, alleviate back pain, help you lose weight, boost the immune system and lower stress levels. “Hatha yoga” is an umbrella term that actually includes many different styles ranging

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