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Body not feeling so good anymore?
Wanting to try Yoga but aren't really sure about it?
Looking to build strength, gain flexibility, and nurture your aching joints?
Need to lose weight, tone up, and burn fat?
Need to release stress and feel like yourself again?
Need a safe and gentle way to begin to exercise?
Want a workout that is applicable to your needs and desires?
Need to squeeze exercise into your busy schedule?
You Have Come To The Right Place.

Why a Private Yoga Session?

  • You are the only participant
  • Appointments fit your schedule
  • You have a trained and highly effective teacher dedicated to understanding your health and/or physical issues
  • Costs almost the same as participating in a group class
  • You learn yoga as it was intended for your body, at your own pace and fitness level
  • Set your own goals
  • Work on a pose you've been longing to achieve
  • Strengthen your body, gain flexibility, and reduce stress
  • All props provided for you (unless you'd like to bring your own!)

A Private Yoga Session allows for so much more communication between the student and the teacher. There is more time for introspection, integration and deeper understanding, faster progression, and improved ability or skill. Whatever issue you're trying to solve - strength, flexibility, weight loss...Yoga does it, one pose at a time!

Come experience what a Private Yoga Session can do for you. It is truly an amazing feeling when you honor and meet the needs of your body through your practice of Yoga. I guarantee your body will thank you and ask for more!

Give me a call today! 240.422.7737. We'll discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

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  • "Working with Lori was a wonderful experience! Lori came to my home and worked with me one-on-one over the course of several months. We practiced yoga, deep breathing and mindfulness among other things. This was something I did just for me, and it was so worth it. Lori was super at finding the right pace for me, and as a result, I felt great after each session. I appreciated her customized approach and flexibility - she kept me inspired and motivated. I highly recommend working with Lori to meet your fitness needs."
    Diane Hight
  • "PiYo is one of my favorite forms of exercise because the results are so obvious - I am stronger, leaner, more flexible and have better balance than I have had in years. It is a low impact yet high intensity fat-burning exercise class that combines the strength moves of Pilates with the stretching moves in Yoga. I don't feel "bulked up" like I sometimes get while doing weight lifting exercises yet I definitely see more toned muscles & notice improvement in my endurance and strength. Lori Severson, RYT - is great at making sure my form is correct so that I'm getting the most out of the moves and not wasting any energy. I highly recommend her class to anyone that wants to get the most out of their hour of exercise. PiYo results are AMAZING!"
    Christine L. / San Antonio, TX

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